Leonardo Di Catreo

Leo says: Get me the …out of here! It’s been months!;
He has a sad story. First, we don’t know, but he was out a lot for a long time battling in his neighbourhood until a SCAT volunteer intervened. He was by this time FIV+, not a biggy but means he must receive regular check-ups and not live with cats he doesn’t get along with. The worst thing was his "saggy eyelid" condition which required surgery. Not a laughing matter: the eyelashes turn in and rub against the eyeball, enough to make anyone very cranky. The surgery had to be repeated because, well, it happens and it’s better to not go far enough than to go too far. (He is very proud of the way his eyes are now. And relieved.) He also was less than genial to the human (pinkie) gents in a temporary foster so…Leo has been living in clinic off and on for a long time. Let’s get him out of there: adoption or even foster home for now!
This guy is a trooper and will well repay any effort to make friends. He nearly threw himself into the arms of his photographer.
Special needs: FIV+ requires careful monitoring and low stress.
Estimated date of birth of Leonardo is February 20, 2011.


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