Max Case

Max is Mr. Easy and Agreable. He has gone in his life from neighbourhood stray to beloved household companion and now it is time for his next great adventure in a new and hopefully forever home. He enjoys people and is willing to explore the world of inter-cat relations, especially if he can be the boss. He will squirm his way so as to take up all of the space. He is a professional lap hog. Max is a little shy with people he doesn’t know unless the other cats start cozying up to the ‘stranger’: then he is in there trying to get all of the attention. He is fond of the small elderly dog in his foster home. In excellent condition, he enjoys regular romps about the house and play sessions. He loves going on the screen porch. He also loves having strategically placed vertical surfaces to claw.
He has been very much loved and SCAT aims to see that lifestyle continue for him. Photos do not display his three tidy spots on one side of the spine set off in an interesting fashion by two large spots on the other side who have not finished separating. Will the spots drift apart like continents?
Estimated date of birth of Max is April 19, 2004.


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