First seen on Friday, she was rescued on a December Sunday when the temperature was – you guessed it, Saskatoon, – -30 something degrees. Alas, she was huddled into a frozen, icy mass. Her ears have frozen and fallen off and the tip of her tail had to be amputated. She has obviously had a very traumatic past and is timid. Friday now has her own warm room with lots of toys and foster Auntie is working patiently with her and longing for the day, which is not yet, when she can just scoop Friday up for big hugs and kisses. Friday loves playing with toys and thinks that the soft toys need to be washed – these are often found floating and soaking in the water dish. Friday has now met the other foster kitties in the home and, although she seems to want to be friends with everyone, the truth is that she prefers the boys. A very petite adult cat, surprisingly, Friday is turning into a tomboy who especially loves to corner and wrestle with a retired tomcat three times her size. Friday and her human Auntie have conversations – Friday likes to converse. However, she is still fearful of being picked up. For now she only lets Auntie pet her and scratch under her chin while she is sitting securely in the corner of her window sill. (Tear stains mark her face and these will wash off. Unfortunately, when we had the camera she was not in the mood for a facewash.)

Estimated date of birth of Friday is July 1, 2008.


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