Al Catcino

Al Catchino was a pretty battered young cat when he first came to Street Cat Rescue. He had a set of deep claw marks over his upper face and forehead, thus earning him his Scarface-inspired name. But, once he had some vet attention, he healed beautifully, and, with a good diet, he now sports a handsome short black coat and a much rounder belly. He’s a pretty shy fellow, which is understandable given his hard times on the street. But he’s very interested in meeting other gentle cats, and he’s become quite enthusiastic about being petted and scratched by his foster aunt. She’s now working on teaching him how to be picked up, and she thinks he’ll catch on very soon. He enjoys toys, especially if they’re mouse-shaped, which suggests that he might be the right cat for you if you need a low-key but effective mouser for a heated barn on an acreage or an industrial shop. And he looks forward to continuing to work on his social skills with his new adoptive family!

Estimated date of birth of Al Catcino is July 8, 2007. But he seems like a young guy, small and not quite sure of the world!.


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