Angel was found lying unresponsive on a city street in extremely cold weather. Her tail and ears were so frozen that she eventually lost them entirely to severe frostbite, and her paws have taken almost two months to heal. Finally, she has completely recovered from her physical injuries. The hair has grown back where it was shaved for the tail amputation and she’s left with a tiny fuzzy tail stump, which looks very manx-like. You would expect it to be harder to tell what kind of mood she’s in because she has no ears to move around, but no, her eyes make up for it by being very expressive. Angel has a very darling little round face. She has filled out and no longer needs the extra calories from kitten food, and her coat is lovely.
Angel is steadily becoming more social. She no longer hides when people she doesn’t know approach her (though she still won’t let them pet her), and her body language has completely relaxed. She eats her treats with her foster mom in the room (rather than waiting until she leaves) and has even been ‘caught’ playing! She has begun being integrated into the foster household with the other cats and dogs.
Angel is now a beautiful girl, and we are very grateful to have been able to take care of her.
Estimated date of birth of Angel is June 26, 2013.


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