Amelia was found outdoors inside an open carrier that contained a bunny hug. She adjusted to indoor home life and we’re pretty sure she loves it!
She’s really active, she likes to run, get chased, and chase toys across the floor. She can be a big cuddler when she decides to be but she’s usually good with just napping close around where her people are. She’s always up for getting pets though, and even sacred tummy rubs! As for getting picked up, she likes it if it’s right after her people come home, but most of the time she just isn’t relaxed and maybe will meow, but never hiss, bite, or scratch. Also, she’s been great with new people so far so that’s good!
Overall, Amelia is a really sweet and adoptable kitty and just great to have around.
Estimated date of birth is November 11, 2013.


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